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Old Time Radio

  • 29:15 DRAGNET : The Big Stand (1954)

    DRAGNET : The Big Stand (1954)

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    "You're a detective sergeant. You're assigned to homicide detail. A man has been shot down on a street corner of your city. There's no apparent motive - no possible lead to the assailant. Your job - find him!" (August 3, 1954)

  • 29:39 Dragnet on Radio: The Big Gamble (1952)

    Dragnet on Radio: The Big Gamble (1952)

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    "You're a detectve sergeant. You're assigned to vice detail. A professional gambling ring has set up operations in your city. Dozens of citizens are being victimized. The gamblers keep on the move, changing their locations day-to-day. You're job: get 'em!